October 17, 2017 dga.energy Admin

Incompetent Rational Design Energy Modelling

What happens if you submit an ‘incompetent’ Rational Design Energy Report…?

By virtue of Regulation SANS 10400A A19 it is the obligation of the architectural professional to adequately provide sufficient information to satisfy the Building Control Officer that competency is being delivered and the requirements of the Building Regulations are being achieved.

If the Building Control Officer has doubt as to the integrity of the submission he/she has the authority to refer a rational design for what is called a ‘rational assessment’ – the rational design is recalculated by an independent third party, at the clients expense, so that the accuracy of the initial report can be verified.

In what is largely an unregulated industry the competency of energy modelling services in the current marketplace is not an assured certainty. As in any form of business, deal with people you know and trust, and do not be swayed by the simplicity of cheapest price!

Educate your clients to understand that when possibly developing a multi-million Rand investment that saving a couple of grand on ‘competent person’ energy modelling is not necessarily always going to serve them well when levels of thermal comfort, long term energy efficiency and all the related electrical running costs may be ill-considered and specified.

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